Roadmap: The Path Forward

Ginger Joy Games
2 min readFeb 20, 2024


On the inaugural days of this year, we have spun off Ginger Joy as a standalone entity, and our vitality and dynamism have surged to unprecedented levels. Additionally, we have successfully closed a pre-seed funding round, securing a noteworthy investment of $1.26 million, catapulting us into a phase of substantial growth and progress.

Here’s the big news! We’re dropping our roadmap! We’re laying out our game plan for everyone to see so you know exactly where we’re headed.

Think of our next six months not as a set-in-stone roadmap, but rather as a vision map for upcoming deliverables in the spirit of transparency. It’s our game plan for navigating the ever-changing web3 ecosystem.

Ginger Joy is not just a brand anymore — it’s shaping up to be an ever-growing and evolving mobile gaming ecosystem. Our flagship, Fundora, is getting some serious upgrades, starting with the testnet. Wait, there’s more! We’ve got not one but two new games in the pipeline to open up the Ginger Joy universe to the broader game enthusiasts.

Oh, and did we mention it? We have some cool system designs that create new events exclusively for our Ginger Joy fam.

And here’s the cherry on top: Our token — the heart and soul of the Ginger Joy ecosystem — is going to shine brighter than ever before later this year. We’re talking next-level stuff, folks.

As we unveil our roadmap, we invite you to stay engaged, excited and committed to Ginger Joy’s future. Following our social media channels will keep you updated on all the latest developments, ensuring you don’t miss out on any exciting opportunities.

So buckle up because Ginger Joy just dropped in 2024, and we’re about to take the gaming world by storm. Get ready for one heck of a ride — we sure are pumped!

About Ginger Joy Games

Welcome to Ginger Joy, the revolutionary force in mobile blockchain gaming! Born from the legendary success of a top global publisher, boasting over 500 million downloads and 30+ acclaimed titles, our heritage is steeped in excellence and innovation. We are a team of visionaries on a mission to revolutionise mobile gaming, seamlessly blending traditional gameplay with the cutting-edge potential of blockchain. Our focus? Creating immersive experiences that offer tangible benefits to players.

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